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Missouri National Banks

Updated: May 2, 2018

$5 Series 1865

Two hundred eighty-nine Missouri banks received national charters during the note issuing years of 1863 to 1935. Of these two hundred sixty-six banks (charters) issued national bank notes. The Bankers World's Fair National Bank of St. Louis, Charter #7179 issued 334 $5 and 334 $100 Series 1902 Red Seals. By January 3, 1905 all these notes had been received by the redemption agency in Washington, D.C. therefore only 265 Missouri charters are considered 'collectible'. Seventy-six of 114 Missouri counties had national banks chartered with 73 counties 'collectible'. Two hundred fifty-three charters issued 'large size' notes (Series 1863 - 1928) with forty-two bank titles from thirty-seven charters unreported. One hundred nineteen charters issued 'small size' notes (Series 1929 Type 1 and Type 2).


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